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The Teatroiter is dedicated to improving your health one cup at a time by providing you with the highest quality hand selected loose leaf teas available. Health inspired for you!


🍵| Tea for a Year |🍵

Hand Selected Loose Leaf Teas Delivered right to your door


We are currently working on opening our first tea pub in the Detroit Metropolitan Area-Michigan. If you’d like to help us open our doors, then please consider purchasing, Tea for a Year! We can tell you that after a year of giving up other drinks such as pop, juice and energy drinks that you will feel and see a difference in your health. And you will also be giving back to your community by helping us open our doors so we may reach out to so many more with our mission to decrease diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases in Michigan.

Tea for a Year will include a universal infuser and a 2 oz bag the first month, then a 2 oz bag each month after for the rest of the year.

$180 - free shipping included! Your first order will arrive by the 15th of each month.




Coming Soon!

Detroit Metropolitan Area


Kristen Pfeifer,
Owner of The Teatroiter



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Cheers to improving your health one cup at a time!

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